"She is a little thing, but thinks she is huge!  Very, very cute and knows it!!  Both little dogs are healthy as can be, and have continued to receive good vet checks. As you might have guessed by now, they are spoiled rotten, greatly loved, and adored by all who meet them!  I am more then pleased with our purchases from you, and am so very glad we found your little kennel. "

"Quigley has been a joy.
He is mellow, never aggressive, and very well behaved.  We are currently
training him to be a hearing service dog.   Quigley has been so good in public places such as Costco, Walmart, etc and shoppers as well as employees think he is delightful.

Quigley jogs and hikes with us and has energy left over when we come home
from even a seven mile run.  He is just a great little guy, with a wonderful
personality and darling face.   We  thought you might enjoy knowing how one of your puppies turned out." B.B.

"Just a quick note to let you know the boys are doing great! They adjusted fast to living in their new huge kitchen environment. They are very smart. With two of them, name learning is more difficult but we'll get there. First dogs we've ever had to learn the pee pads so fast! I'm loving that. They are both eating good and already know the sounds of the closet door and bowls being filled. They love their kennel. They don't cry anymore when I have to shut the kennel door to do cleanup. They usually fall asleep and are still sleeping when I open the door backup. We are getting our daily laughs. I'm glad we got two brothers.

Thank you again for being here for us."

J. and J. F.

Past Adopted Puppies Their Furever Homes

Sandy Acres Kennel

"Just thought I would send a quick note to tell you just how much we love our puppy.  Shayla has added so much to our family.  She is very smart, and has the sweetest disposition.  We could not have dreamed of a better addition to our family." M. S.

 "They are the silliest, most playful, sweetest little Shih Tzus.  The boys enjoy prancing around in the park or back yard, playing fetch, and snuggling!" S. G. 

Past Adoption Testimonials

"She's healthy, happy, and has been a wonderful addition to the family.  She truly has a wonderful disposition and personality, and we couldn't be happier with our selection of a Yorkie.  She's a great family dog.  Okay, she did not enjoy going out in the snow last night but that's been the only issue."  J.G. 

"Trooper is a full member of our family. We love him and his little strut. He's full of personality. He loves chasing the boys in the backyard and chasing balls. He follows me everywhere.
Thank you so much Kathy & Rod for allowing him to be in our family." K. K.

"Kekoa LOVES to play in the snow. He runs and jumps and eats it! Rizzo, not so much. She shivers and just wants to be held. Hahaha! Kekoa is very energetic and is obsessed to play fetch all day long. We joke that he has an "on" or "off" switch. He is either playing hard or cuddling hard. No in between. He is extremely loyal, he never wants to leave our side. Rizzo is still her more mellow princess self. Rizzo likes to be alone sometimes and we joke that sometimes she thinks she's a cat because she's so independent.  She keeps him in line. He is her puppy and she disciplines him accordingly. If I get after him she gets after him too.  She likes to play tug of war with him the most, but only if it's her idea. He still hasn't learned that smothering her face with kisses does not win her affection but instead makes her really mad. Hahaha Kekoa has a best friend across the street from us named Saddie. She is a pure bred golden retriever. They adore each other. Sadie lays on the floor and rolls around while Kekoa tugs on her ears and feet. She can fit half if him in her entire mouth but never hurts him. They play with each other for hours until they fall asleep. Then as she goes back across the street to her house Kekoa watches out the front screen door and cries. It's pretty darn cute. :)" S. W.